What’s your well-th story? From honing career paths to key financial lessons to balancing family needs, a unique combination of factors makes each of us well-thy. By sharing insights, goals and the stories that helped us become who we are, we learn from and inspire each other every day.

Featured Story

Barbara Archer’s Wealth Story Is About Aiming High

Hightower Wealth Advisors Partner Barbara C. Archer discusses her original ambitions to become an astronaut – and how she found her true career calling.


Well-th means being intentional

What does well-th mean to you? Hightower women share how being truly well-thy extends far beyond finances.

Well-th means freedom

What does well-th mean to you? Hightower women on the power of well-th to prioritize and make key decisions in their lives.

Well-th means stewardship

What does well-the mean to you? Hightower women discuss their deep commitment to be stewards of well-th, in all its forms, personally and professionally.

Well-th Stories - Financial Literacy

For Financial Literacy Month Stephen Ban and Morgan Sarraf share their important money lessons. What money lesson has stuck with you?

Well-th Stories - Financial Literacy

Chief Market Strategist Michael Farr shares an important money lesson from his dad for Financial Literacy Month. What important money lesson has been passed on to you?

Well-th Stories - Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy Month continues! Below, financial advisors Jack Boyle and Hannah Wardenburg discuss the immense power of planning ahead and saving early.

Well-th Stories: Derrick Robinson, Manager of IT Services for Hightower Advisors

Hightower Manager of IT Services Derrick Robinson discusses his key motivations in running a global IT operation and getting the most out of life with those closest to him.

What’s Your Story?

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