Well-th is more than trusts and estate plans.

Our advisors focus on partnering with clients to achieve a life of well-th…but there are many steps, and questions, along that journey. There are also a lot of different perspectives…where should you get your information?

We have teamed up with the folks asking questions, and the advisors with answers, to gather material that can help you as you navigate a path to a life of wealth. Financial literacy is the first important step: knowing what to ask and having a starting point for good financial habits.

Working with an Advisor: An Exploratory Video Series

Follow along as social media influencer and self-made entrepreneur Jo Franco steps down the path of working with a financial advisor — it may look very different than you imagine!

hightower money baggage podcast with jo franco

Money Baggage Podcast

Xavier Jarvis and Jo Franco sit down and get real about financial planning for Gen Z.


Financial Literacy

Take the mystery out of industry jargon and get the fundamentals to help guide decisions.

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Investing 101

Download information about budgeting, retirement plans and more (you don’t have to be a specific generation to start learning!)

Working It Gen Z Style

Our Gen Z interns are a fan-favorite throughout the office! Follow along on their journey through a Chicago summer.

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