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Our advisors are different in their approach to providing investment solutions for their clients, so we are flexible in delivering as little or as much support as they need.

The Investment Solutions group within Hightower is comprised of a team of tenured investment professionals based in both NYC and Chicago and led by Stephanie Link, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Strategist.

Offered as an option to any of our Hightower advisors, the team stands ready to deliver personalized assistance and support in a myriad of ways which include:

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Dialog and assistance with due diligence and research

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Customized portfolio construction

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Direct client interactive, if desired, to answer market or economy related concerns

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Complete outsourced investment management (OCIO) solutions

We are delegating the selection of individual investments and style allocation to a team of investment professionals for whom that is their primary focus.

This allows us to focus on the high value activities within the value pyramid, offer better service and holistic financial plans to existing clients, and the ability to help more people in developing new business.

It also ensures that especially in times of market volatility, we have the ability focus our time on talking to clients knowing that we have a team dedicated to investment monitoring and trading.


Our Chief Investment Officer, Stephanie Link, has a robust background, an impressive industry network and is a frequent contributor on CNBC. She shares her knowledge through newsletters, webinars and interviews, as tools that advisors can share with their clients. Stephanie’s insights help relate the markets to the world we live in.

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To find out more about the Hightower Investment Solutions, contact us today.

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