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Let us help you tell your story — the pieces that define success.

A well-th story is personal. Success may mean an important philanthropic legacy; it may mean knowing that both of your parents and your children are taken care of; it may mean you’ve traveled from safari to Antarctic trek and have seen every place on your bucket list. We’re here to support our advisors’ work in defining and achieving each client’s well-th story.

Hightower was founded in 2008 and has grown and evolved over our history; we now support over 128 elite financial advisory businesses across 34 states.

We have won awards across many categories from innovation to growth to leadership, but our greatest sense of achievement lies in the thoughtful advisors who make our community what it is.

A vision for the future with solid roots in what works.

We seek out growing, successful wealth management firms who have a strong history of building client relationships paired with an eye on the future. We look for firms and principals who want to continue to grow, and recognize that a partnership with Hightower means resources to support expansion, back-office scalability, succession planning and far more. We ally best with those firms who want to continue to manage the business they’ve built as a long-term part of a collaborative community.

We support our financial advisory firms with:






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Advisory firms affiliated with Hightower are fiduciaries; that means that always, every time, they put client interests first. It is what drives their thinking and means they are focused on client goals and portfolios, not quotas or sales targets. We have some of the industry’s top advisory firms; we are honored to know each and every one.


Stay Up-to-Date

Our driving focus is on growth: adding successful wealth management firms to our community, developing new tools and sources of content for our advisory firms, and providing a base for advisors to easily access everything they need to focus exclusively on client well-th stories. Keep an eye on what we’re up to…

Working at Hightower

An excellent culture does not come by accident; it is a result of leadership, constant communication, an ability to listen and learn, and an openness to evolve. Awesome team members don’t hurt; find out why people love working at Hightower and see if it’s the right place for you.


We believe in our story and we want to help you tell yours.