Sarah Musante

Chief Human Resources Officer

Sarah Musante

Sarah Musante directs the firm’s human capital and organizational strategies and manages recruiting, employee relations, compensation and culture building initiatives. Since joining the firm in 2009, Ms. Musante has built Hightower’s HR capabilities up from a one-woman operation into a fully-serviced department focused on ensuring the health, happiness and long-term success of Hightower employees. Before joining Hightower, Ms. Musante held various roles in corporate finance at Man Investments, an international active management firm, and was a caseworker for the Mental Health Association of Connecticut.

“Well-th means being financially healthy for the present, the unforeseen and the future. It’s the ability to enjoy your life the way you envision, worry-free. My idea of well-th? Buying tons of ponies and being able to afford it!”

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