Michael DiBiasio

Chief Operating Officer

Michael DiBiasio Hightower Advisors

Michael DiBiasio is the Chief Operating Officer at Hightower, overseeing the firm’s Business Services & Operations, which includes the Program and Integration Management Offices, Product & Vendor Management, Business Management and Succession, Brokerage and Advisory Operations and Investment Operations teams. Michael has a strong track record of over 25 years of experience leading teams across a wide array of roles spanning change management/transformation, operations, strategy and business management within the financial services industry. Michael spent 16 years at Morgan Stanley, most recently serving as COO of Institutional Consulting and Head of Corporate Cash and Government Entities. Over the years, he held senior management positions within Wealth Management, U.S. Field Management and the Private Bank and was a member of MSWM’s Management Committee. Prior to Morgan Stanley, Michael spent a number of years at McKinsey & Company as well as at Accenture. Michael is a graduate of Cornell University and has his MBA from The Wharton School.

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