Why Partner with Hightower?

We believe that the only way we succeed is together. That is why we make strategic investments that align our interests. When you succeed, we succeed.

If you’re an advisory business trying to find the best path forward to accelerate growth and focus on clients, consider the benefits of a partnership with Hightower.

Maintain a client-centric approach.

Hightower was founded with a fiduciary mindset and we continue to support our advisors' holistic approach to comprehensive wealth management, helping clients achieve a secure financial future and their definition of well-th.

Focus on growing your business without the distractions of running a business.

You gain access to a comprehensive suite of business management solutions, from marketing to compliance to facilities management, that gives you more time to build client relationships. And you continue to work with the types of clients you know best.

Retain your identity or assume ours; it’s in your control.

When you’ve carefully nurtured a brand that clients connect with, that’s value we can appreciate. We are happy to support your brand. However, we’re also supportive of you adopting the Hightower Advisors brand. We would be proud to have you share our name.

Gain access to more resources and better pricing.

Our business is founded on the principle that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and with over 100 advisory businesses, close to 90 offices and over $70 B in total client assets served (as of 9/30/19), there are economies of scale you may never receive on your own.

Tap into our community.

It’s hard to appreciate the power of the Hightower peer group until you experience its connections. Our community regularly shares best practices and what we call “collective wisdom” with colleagues all over the map. We pride ourselves on our community culture that drills down to every level of the organization.

Take your business to the next level. Continue growing your business with added support and the benefit of a collaborative community. Email or call us

Hightower stories

Thinking Outside the Box

I'm on a call with Hightower every other week talking about different strategic partnerships that we're looking at that are very innovative, very different. Never in my career of having a partner like this have I had people who said, ‘This is really interesting, let’s dive into this, let’s think differently’ and embrace my disruptor ideas and my vision for how we could build something better.


Heather Ettinger
Spending More Time With Clients

John Egan

When I founded my RIA, I spent 80% of my time on clients, but as the business grew, I was forced to spend 80% of my time on business operations. Now that we’ve partnered with Hightower, I have a wealth of resources that allows me to once again spend the vast majority of my time developing personalized solutions for clients and growing my business.


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