Aligned Interest

What You See is What You Get

Our goal is to stay seamlessly aligned with our clients’ goals and help ensure that transparency – from fee structures to the security of clients’ assets – is a top priority.

HighTower advisors help investors maximize and mold their financial portfolios, as well as provide independent-minded advice on investment strategies.

We’re available to answer clients’ questions about our process, no matter how small or specific.


Fee Structure

HighTower generates revenue through financial advice and investment counsel. We do not engage in proprietary trading, and unlike many large, integrated brokerage firms and banks, our balance sheets are not leveraged to create profits from high-risk arbitrage and dubious strategies.

Predominately fee-based, HighTower engagements are designed to be:

  • Reflective of market-driven pricing
  • Transparent and clear

Many HighTower advisors are equity owners, which means they are active participants in the overall strategy and success of the company. As a result, business decisions are made with the clients’ interests in mind.


Why Multi-Custodial Matters

In uncertain times, investors and advisors need a trusted place to keep their assets. One of the foundations of the HighTower solution is the use of strong, third-party custodians.

We are not bound by in-house or legacy custodial relationships – limitations with which most large, integrated brokerage firms have to contend every day. HighTower’s partnerships with some of the most respected, reliable, and secure financial custodial firms in the marketplace are made based on clients’ interests.


Benefits of Open Source

HighTower’s open source structure enables HighTower advisors to employ resources from some of the industry’s leading providers, including research, financial planning capabilities, independent custodians and trading platforms.