At HighTower | Scottsdale, it is our goal to transform your complex challenges into practical solutions with fiduciary advice and an institutional, yet personalized, concierge experience.

Who We Are

HighTower | Scottsdale is comprised of a diverse group of individuals who possess specialized skills, training, credentials, and experience. All HighTower | Scottsdale members have their definitive roles, responsibilities, and core competencies, which engage collaboratively on each client’s case. This provides a comprehensive evaluation and management system that values the notion that multiple minds are better than one, recognizing that no one person has a monopoly on all the best ideas applicable to HighTower clients.

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Improve the investing experience for institutional and private Investors alike.

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Our exclusive Liability Derived intelligence™ (LDi™) portfolio construction methodology is just one example of our deep commitment to pioneering strategies and methodologies that help enhance your asset management experience. This framework is a liability-driven approach designed to help enhance return and minimize downside risk in the quest to achieving your financial goals. LDintelligence portfolio construction is a “Core/Satellite” structure consisting of an optimal blend of non-proprietary and sophisticated Factor-Derived and Style-Derived Active and Passive (index) investment vehicles.

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Client Focus

At HighTower | Scottsdale, we specialize in serving private clients and their corporate, institutional and philanthropic affiliations, such as retirement/benefit plans, eleemosynary organizations and Native American Indian nations.

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We are committed to high standards of transparency and full disclosure in all aspects of our advice. We refer to this conduct as our code of Ethicacy™. Ethicacy™ is defined as the blend of words Ethics with Efficacy, the code by which we work and live. 
ETHICS Moral, principled, fair, just
EFFICACY Effective, efficient, worth

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Principles of Professionalism: Our Client Commitment

Putting Your Interests First

Focusing on Long-Term Relationships

Being Realistic & Candidly Honest

Effectively & Efficiently Responsive

Anticipating Your Next Needs

Treating You with Respect & Courtesy