In Our Community

At HighTower Fort Myers, we support local organizations that are dedicated to strengthening the community through environmental and philanthropic initiatives.

Bobby Nichols Fiddlesticks Charity Foundation

Since 2003, the Fiddlesticks Country Club Community has donated more than $8 million to local children’s charities that offer services and support for abused and underprivileged children.  The Foundation and the dedicated Piper Organization—the army of volunteers who support the Foundation’s initiatives—have made a difference in the lives and well-being of children suffering from abuse and neglect. Funds are raised through golf, tennis and walk-a-thon events.
Jack and Trevor are passionate about supporting this very important cause, and have proudly served as corporate sponsors every year since 2004.

"Ding" Darling Wildlife Society

The “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society is a nonprofit that financially supports nature conservation, wildlife protection and education efforts for J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel and Captiva islands in Southwest Florida.  
Jack and Trevor are proud sponsors of the 2017 “Ding” Darling Wildlife Society – Friends of the Refuge: Friday Lecture Series. The series runs every Friday from January 20, 2017 through April 14, 2017.

Sanibel-Captive Conservation Foundation

Founded in 1967, the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) is dedicated to the conservation of coastal habitats and aquatic resources on both Sanibel and Captiva Island, as well as the surrounding watershed. Today, SCCF is the largest landowner on Sanibel Island, which has been made possible by the generous support of the conservationist donors and public sector partners.
Jack and Trevor are proud corporate sponsors of the SCCF.

Swim Florida

Swim Florida offers instruction from experienced swim coaches at all levels of recreational and competitive swimming, from novice to professionals. The organization is committed to teach the values of goal setting, sportsmanship, discipline and hard work by example.

Jack and Trevor are both proud alumni and sponsors of Swim Florida.