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GIS 360 2017 Q2: Counterfactual

by on June 23, 2017

When it comes to assessing future opportunities in financial markets, what is your “go-to-position?” At this point, many of us are grounded in those pesky beliefs that all of the good returns have likely been “dished out,” leaving behind a currently hard-to-navigate investment environment that may require tilting toward more risk for expectedly lower returns… […]

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GIS 360: 2017 Q1 - A Matter of Luck

by on April 04, 2017

The mind and related human reasoning is a peculiar thing, and, as my father often states, “(good) thinking is a matter of luck.” It is this very opinion that keeps me apprehensive with respect to how we should think about allocating capital across a wide spectrum of available global choices, and also how to do […]

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GIS 360 Q3 2016: The ABC of Exits

by on September 30, 2016

Posted by: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey Once again, it was “showtime” at the Federal Reserve (Fed) meeting last week – showtime not only for the highly anticipated new direction of U.S. rates to be set (or better, “hinted at”), but also for addressing the growing number of eager spectators to the continued emergence of this illustrious […]

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GIS 360 Q2 2016: Time to Reset

by on June 29, 2016

This edition of GIS 360 explores the potential for a global “reset.” We have asked two of the best to guide us with their thinking on the matter, including the potential impact on markets and investing: Charles Gave, Founding Partner & Chairman of GaveKal Research, describes a world that has never been simple, but demands to “abandon all stupid practices […]

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GIS 360 Q1 2016: Technocrats

by on March 09, 2016

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey Investing is both and art and science, and when applied in the right combination, these two contributors will ultimately distinguish successful from less successful investors. One of the most important aspects of the inherent art is to remain focused on value and uncompromised opportunity, even when difficult market conditions intuitively […]

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GIS 360 Q3: Anatomy Of A Puzzle

by on October 08, 2015

Posted by: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey This edition of GIS 360 will offer insights related to the status of the financial markets from our independent research providers at Macro Intelligence 2 Partners and Strategas Research Partners. At HighTower, we do not seek value on the basis of one single opinion, as is more common with traditional […]

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GIS 360 Q2: Green - Between Blue and Yellow

by on June 08, 2015

Posted by: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey This edition of GIS 360 will offer insights related to sustainable and green investing opportunities from our friends Elizabeth Coston of the Kellogg School of Management, and Alexander Bass, Executive Director here at Hightower. At HighTower, we do not seek value on the basis of one single opinion, as is […]

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Outlook 360: From Wall Street to Main Street

by on March 04, 2015

“Only a distant echo remains of the once crippling Global Financial Crisis of 2008. In fact, quite to the contrary, investors in U.S. financial, and other markets, have been able to reap generous rewards over the past years; some paired with heartache and a required appetite for volatility, but, overall, nothing but a stellar outcome. […]

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Outlook 360 Winter Edition: Consensus?

by on January 31, 2014

Posted By: Matthias Paul Kuhlmey I. Introduction The joy of writing an economic outlook is to reset the past, deliberately contemplating if investments could, or should, ever be judged on the basis of a “best by” date, ending on December 31 (personally, I don’t think so). Nonetheless, around this time of every year, we consume […]

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