The Financial Advisor’s Guide to Local Media Exposure Part 4: Building Connections Through Social Media

by HighTower Advisors on November 13, 2019

In Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our series on local media exposure, we explained how advisors can become industry newsmakers, connect with local journalists and leverage thought leadership content to build their brands and engage prospects. In today’s device-focused society, the natural next step is to share and amplify your original ideas and industry perspectives through social media.

#1 – Build a Social Brand Identity

It’s important that your strong, consistent brand identity extends all the way from the structure that houses your office to your social presence. If you’ve been quiet on social to date, start slowly by reviewing or creating profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Consider how to support your position as a wealth management thought leader in the social media stratosphere through the lens of influencers, clients and prospects.

Approach your profile with fresh eyes, making sure that your personal description as well as your business offerings are not only reflective of your services, but also communicative of what makes you different. Clearly articulate any uncommon approach your firm brings to client service, portfolio construction, partnerships, etc., so that it is immediately apparent to anyone visiting your page. While the length and format of your profile will vary slightly on each social platform, your messaging should remain compelling and consistent.

#2 – Connect with Contacts & Influencers

Once your social media profiles are on brand, connect with personal and professional contacts to expand your reach. Today, if properly leveraged, social media can be an effective and low-cost mechanism to spread brand awareness. Begin by connecting with:

  • Clients (past and present) and prospects
  • Colleagues, former classmates, family and friends
  • Influencers in complementary professions, i.e., attorneys, accountants, etc.
  • Respected industry thought leaders and practitioners
  • Local and national journalists who cover relevant topics, i.e., editors, reporters, radio and TV producers

Connections made on social media can be used to foster relationships that transition beyond virtual interactions. By reacting to, sharing and commenting on content, you are fostering an active, online community with your constituents. Eventually, opportunities to engage this community through meetings, conferences and other exchanges can be identified. Furthermore, as your social presence becomes more influential, you can position yourself as a knowledgeable source that the local media will reach out to for participation in articles, TV or radio segments.

#3 – Consider the Platform

Each social platform has its own content sharing parameters, so tailor your material appropriately. For example, LinkedIn allows longer, more detailed posts, while Twitter limits posts to a maximum of 280 characters that perform best with complementary hashtags. Alternatively, Facebook and Instagram, are more visual-based platforms and effective for communicating your firm’s culture and values through imagery. Post high-quality pictures along with hashtags to make your content more discoverable, resulting in more views. These platforms are also ripe for sharing trending news and original content that can resonate with your audience.

#3 – Create and Share Content

Engage your audience and strengthen your reputation as an industry influencer by sharing and creating content. This can be an effective technique for growing brand awareness among the media, influencers, industry contacts and prospects. Foster discussion on your page by posting content, including:

  • Thought leadership, i.e., blogs, opinion pieces, guest article submissions, infographics, podcasts, videos or press releases
  • Online news featuring your firm, including articles, TV segments, etc.
  • Industry commentary through whitepapers or research generated by those you consider industry leaders
  • Personal content, such as thoughtful posts and commentary about current events
  • HighTower news, accolades and press

A good practice as you engage in thought leadership discussions via social media is to tag the person or organization that originated any content you are sharing, especially those generated by the media or a thought leader. This helps you extend the reach of your posts by tapping into their communities. When sharing content, add your voice by explaining what you found interesting about the material and what your audience can gain for this information.

A consistent social media presence is critical to developing a strong following. Create a turnkey content calendar to build a framework around one-to-three meaningful posts per week.

When looking to garner attention among the media and other key influencers, develop a strategy that aligns with your business objectives, and outline measurable action steps to achieve your goals. Learn more by downloading HighTower’s PR Playbook for Advisory Businesses.

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