The Dillig Bowen Group is a team of investment professionals at HighTower, an independent financial advisory firm that is dedicated to serving sophisticated, high-net-worth families in a fiduciary relationship. With over 70 years of experience in the industry, The Dillig Bowen Group advises approximately 30 families nationwide in the areas of investment and financial management.
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Philosophy and Process

We believe there are no standard or global solutions.

WE WORK with our clients to identify exclusive circumstances within the capital markets and then develop a customized comprehensive plan that integrates clients’ investments with their goals and objectives.

OUR PORTFOLIO construction is grounded in both academically supported and empirically proven analysis, combined with astute capital market strategy and investment selection. We believe in the use of both active and passive investment management. We will use passive strategies for the most efficient components of an asset allocation plan and use active strategies for the less efficient components of the plan.

OUR APPROACH to each client’s portfolio is tailored to their specific needs, selecting only investments we find to be most appropriate for each particular investor. Our analysis considers a client’s complete financial situation, focusing on all assets owned, regardless of purpose, location or disposition.

AT THE CENTER of our focus is judicious capital market strategy, and providing above average returns versus risk. We look to provide alpha (benchmark out-performance) by focusing our four key areas: tactical allocation through diligence and forward thinking; identifying risk and reward opportunities within asset classes; manager selection outperformance; and, proactive tax minimization to increase absolute results.

ACCOUNTABILITY comes in three forms: clear communication of capital markets opinions and strategy; timely performance updates; and clarity on fees.

  • Communication
  • Reporting
  • Transparency
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